Railway, Logistics and Transport

Know How Transfer

for railway, transport and logistics

Eurovio has set itself the goal of establishing a technology platform for compamies in the transport, transport, logistics and supplier industries for the joint exchange and deepening of mutual business relations – and this on an international level. We connect continents.

Our service

Your technology advantage


Eurovio offers its customers the opportunity to become part of an international technology platform. They benefit from our industry knowledge, our technology know-how and our international network of industrial partners.


Eurovio supports industrial customers during the product development process. From the idea to testing and product adaptation, to product certification and approval, customers can rely on our industry knowledge and technology know-how. Our customers also benefit from our international network of industrial partners to identify on site production partners in the industry.


Eurovio also coordinates the national or international technology transfer of companies and business operators as well as assisting in harmonisation in railway technology.

Our core topics are:

  • Digitisation
  • Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT) Management
  • 5 G
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Ticketing / Payment
  • Signalling
  • Railways Track Technology
  • Materials
  • Energy and green Technologies
  • Technology in HealthCare
  • Diagnosis and Maintenance
  • Switch Systems
  • Bogies

Feasibility studies

Eurovio accompanies its customers throughout the entire innovation chain process. From the idea to the market-ready product. At the beginning there will be a feasibility study  where the technical and economic feasibility as well as the possibilities to implement the project will be analyzed regarding  framework and conditions. If necessary, we will identify approproiate project or technology partners and connect you.

Marketing and coordination

After successful product development, Eurovio supports companies along the entire value chain.

Based on a market and competitive analysis, we develop the optimal market strategy together with our clients.

Capital for innovation

Innovation and product development require capital. Eurovio brings together innovators and investors on a global scale. This creates synergies and potential for technological innovation. The possible forms of financing, for example business angel, crowdfunding, shareholdings, etc. are analyzed in detail and the corresponding steps for raising capital are implemented together with the customer.


Eurovio coordinates bilateral technology projects for industry and business at strategic level as well as the coordination and implementation of operational processes.

Joint Ventures

Eurovio supports industrial companies in setting up national and international joint ventures. The strengths and technological know-how of other companies are thus merging into a large whole for the greatest possible innovative power.

Tender Management

We support and advise on international and complex tenders. Together we evaluate suitable partners and coordinate in the bidding process.